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Some of you may have heard or read about possible use of Ivermectin for the Coronavirus. We have had several phone calls from both clients and even non-clients in recent months inquiring about exactly that. In a recent pesticide webinar series I attended, several feed stores and other agri-supply type businesses had received similar requests, to the point several now keep Ivermectin products in locked cabinets or displays. 


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Ivermectin Safety Alert


Health Canada has released a safety alert regarding the use of Ivermectin to prevent or treat the Coronavirus. As it is not authorized and there is no evidence that it is either safe or effective to be used for these purposes, Health Canada is advising Canadians not to use either the veterinary or human drug version of Ivermectin in an effort to prevent or treat the Coronavirus. The veterinary version, especially at high doses, can be dangerous to humans and may cause serious health problems including seizures, coma, and death, as Ivermectin products for animals have a higher concentrated dose than the version that is available for humans. 

Several medical journals have highlighted that the effect of Ivermectin in patients with the Coronavirus remains uncertain because of a lack of high quality data. A recent meta-analysis (review of all published scientific data) in June 2021 of 4 trials comparing Ivermectin with placebo or standard care in outpatients with mild  Coronavirus, there was no clear reduction in mortality at 28 days, no reduction in need for invasive mechanical ventilation at 14 days, and no impact on symptom resolution at 14 days. 

In short, there is no clear benefit in using Ivermectin to treat or prevent the Coronavirus, but there certainly are risks, especially with veterinary forms. We at Milverton-Wellesley Veterinary Services felt this was important information to pass on to you to warn you in case using Ivermectin has been something considered by you, family members, or other farm personnel. You may also consider keeping any Ivermectin you may have in a safe secure location

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