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ProAction Initiative Updates

This page will be used to provide you with the latest news regarding updates to the ProAction Initiatives:

ProAction Environment Module (Feb. 2021)

This module is still set to come into enforcement September 2021. Your DFO FSRs will be facilitating the training, instead of vets for this module. Please take note if you previously were a June, July, or August validation date and previously had almost a year before your validations with new requirements, because of the shift in months due to COVID you are now in the guinea pig group and have to be ready in for validations including the environment module this fall.

ProAction Cattle Health Declarations and Prescriptions (Feb 2021)


Due to the shift in months for validations because of COVID, it may happen that your Cattle Health Declaration and Vet Prescriptions get signed past the 12-month expiry that they have. Try to remember to have these signed on the 12 month rotation if possible, even though you won’t be due for a validation. We were hoping that validators would be forgiving of this but a few veterinarians have reported some complaints from FSRs, so it’s better to be safe than sorry!  

Proaction Traceability – The Update You've All Been Waiting For!


DairyTrace, the new national cattle traceability system for dairy, was launched on Oct. 5, 2020. Aligned with ProAction requirements, the DairyTrace program will be run by Lactanet Canada, as the responsible administrator for dairy cattle traceability. General information about the system will be sent to producers in the form of a welcome kit via the October issue of Milk Producer magazine.  In the coming weeks, producers with existing CCIA accounts will receive communication directly from DairyTrace regarding their new account activation. Producers wishing to transfer their historical traceability data from CCIA to DairyTrace will be asked to provide permissions to do so.


Traceability reporting through DairyTrace will become mandatory in September 2021.


DairyTrace customer service is already available to answer questions and update account details. Starting Oct. 5, 2020, producers will be able to report events, such as tag activation or animal movements to the dairy tracking database. 

You can reach DairyTrace customer service at 1-866-55 TRACE (558-7223)

or email info@DairyTrace.ca.


For more information, please visit the DairyTrace website at www.DairyTrace.ca.