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Lactanet (formerly DHI) Selective Dry Cow Therapy Report

This is a new report in the last year available to Lactanet customers. Selective Dry Cow Therapy is a popular topic among producers and it is also extensively lectured on in the veterinary community as well. But how do we get started? Somatic cell count is proven to be an extremely useful tool to help decide if A) your herd is suitable for selective dry cow therapy and B) which cows in your herd would be good candidates for selective dry cow therapy. The Lactanet SDCT report is an optional report of no extra cost - it sorts your cows using the evidence-based algorithm to provide you with a list of cows that could be candidates for drying off without antibiotics. You must request this report, as it isn’t automatically provided. All this being said, it is strongly recommended to undertake the venture into selective dry cow therapy with your herd veterinarian, as there is an extensive decision tree that goes into making these choices beyond SCC, including cow factors, herd dynamics, and dry cow housing, none of which are taken into consideration by this SCC based report.

Lactanet Robot Report

This is a new report launched in the last 2 months. With all the data available to farmers through their robots, it can be hard to justify continuing on with DHI testing. Lactanet is continuing to try and add value by catering a report specifically for their robot clients. The key feature with this report is the addition of benchmarking. It will provide values for your herd and also values for the top 20% of robot herds for several different measures including milkings per cow, milkings per robot, as well as robot refusals and failures. The benchmarking is based on Lactanet herds who opt into this report, so in order to make this truly reflective of robot herds in Ontario it is best if as many herds as possible opt into this report. Benchmarking is the selling point of this report, as well as providing a concise summary of relevant data. This is a free report but it is not automatically provided, so you must opt into it in order to allow Lactanet access to your robot data. 

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