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Fly Control


Warmer temperatures bring the emergence of flies. Every fly in the early spring, can result in up to 64 million flies by August under the right conditions. Last year was, as with a number of products, a challenge to source any of the aerosol based fly sprays, but we are happy to announce that DISVAP GOLD is readily available this year,


DISVAP GOLD is labelled to kill and repel stable flies, horse flies, face flies, deer flies, house flies, horn flies, mosquitoes, biting midges, wasps, and flying moths on beef and dairy cattle, or in milking parlours, milk houses, dairy barns and beef barns.  


Keep in mind that fly control is best accomplished using a multi-pronged approach. Simple spraying for flies will have some immediate and visible effect, however fly control to reduce populations for the long term involves a combination of waste management, barn hygiene and effective insecticide products and other strategies such as sticky sheets, rollers strings, baits etc.

Call the clinic and talk to staff about pre-ordering your fly spray.

See also Managing Fly Populations in Dairy Barns,
a more comprehensive article on fly control,
or ask our staff for a printed copy.

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