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Introducing Proflora

We would like to bring your attention to the Proflora line of products the clinic will be stocking going forward. Proflora is a line of probiotics and postbiotics developed and manufactured locally by BioFerScience Animal Microbiology Laboratory. They are unique in that their pro- and post-biotics are fermented and microencapsulated to ensure stability and effectiveness which has potential advantages over other current products on the market.

By microencapsulating and then packaging in a capsule, they protect the fragile nature of the probiotic cultures and therefore can maintain a much higher number of colonies for a longer period of time with less effect of temperature and humidity affecting viability. While the probiotic market has started to gain a lot of popularity recently, there is currently not a lot of peer reviewed studies comparing different products. However, our clinic does believe these types of products can be very beneficial in stressed or off-feed cows and calves and believes the Proflora line to have a very compelling basis to recommend them to our clients.

The Proflora Line includes:
Proflora Cattle Capsules - a combination of probiotics, postbiotics and prebiotics and vitamins designed for fresh or sick or off feed mature beef and dairy cattle or those on antibiotics for various conditions.

Proflora Calf Capsules – a combination of probiotics, postbiotics, prebiotics and vitamins designed specifically for sick or stressed newborn calves to protect the health of calves in the first weeks before their immune system is fully developed.
Proflora Fresh Cow Calcium Capsule – a combination of calcium, magnesium oxide, Vit D3, probiotics and postbiotics designed for fresh cows immediately after calving to help prevent milk fever
Proflora Energy Balance Capsule – a combination of propylene glycol and probiotics for off feed and ketotic cows
Proflora Mag Oxide Capsule – a combination of magnesium oxide and probiotic for cattle needing a mild laxative or antacid for indigestion.


Talk to your herd veterinarian if interested in discussing or incorporating any of these products into your preventative or treatment protocols

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