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  • Please inform our veterinarians if you have travelled out of province in the past 14 days.

  • Practice good hand hygiene, including washing hands often and thoroughly.

  • Self-isolation and monitoring is strongly recommended for anyone who has had direct contact with a confirmed or possible case of COVID-19, or anyone experiencing shortness of breath, fever, or a cough.

  • Please wear a mask when coming into the clinic and call in orders ahead of time if possible.

  • Proper social distancing requires that 2 metres of space is allowed between people at all times. We are trying to be mindful of this during our farm calls, so please don’t take offense if we step away from you during herd health.

  • Our clinic doors are currently open, and we are sanitizing contact surfaces between clients. Our equipment, clothes and boots are cleaned between calls, as always.

  • If any of our veterinarians are feeling ill, they will not be going out to farms. Arrangements will be made to send a different veterinarian or to reschedule.

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