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Milverton-Wellesley Veterinary Services is pleased to offer an evening webinar focusing on equine dentistry.

Wednesday February 17, 2021


We are excited to be joined by Dr. Ian Bishop, from Northern Equine Veterinary Services, in the Kawartha Lakes region. Dr. Bishop’s practice provides referral service across Ontario for equine dental, sinus, and maxillofacial surgeries.

Dr. Bishop will be discussing many interesting topics pertaining to your horse’s dentition, including: the development of the equine mouth, dentistry in young and geriatric horses, and the importance of routine dental care. He will also share some interesting examples of dental radiographs and advanced dental procedures, which some horses may require during their lifetime. We are confident you will find his presentation visually stimulating and thought provoking.

To show our appreciation for your attendance, we will be drawing names for some great, virtual door prizes, which we will deliver to you after the meeting.

We will email our clients a link to the webinar. We would like to thank Jeff Peters, from Zoetis, for providing us with the use of their WebEx platform. If you do not receive the link, please email the clinic, or phone 519-595-4911.

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