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Recommended Equine Vaccination Schedule

The following table provides a schedule for the vaccination of a previously vaccinated adult horse (initial booster series required in naive)

*Flu/Rhino (Equine Influenza / Equine Herpes Virus 1 &4):

Horses at increased risk of contracting Flu/Rhino include:

  1. Horses less than 5 years old,

  2. Horses on breeding farms or in contact with pregnant mares,

  3. Horses housed at facilities with frequent on and off farm movement,

  4. Performance or show horses.

We would advise that high-risk horses get a Flu/Rhino booster in the late fall, six months after their spring booster. The winter is a high risk period for Flu/Rhino, similar to flu season for humans. The vaccine effectiveness starts to diminish after 6 months.

For owners that would like to provide a booster shot of Flu/Rhino in the late fall, we now recommend using Vetera 2XP. In the past we have used Calvenza. However, the vaccine company has now focused on branding their Vetera 2XP as the most up-to-date Flu/Rhino vaccine.

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