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Traceability for All Coming in the Fall (2020)

DairyTrace program logo

The newest update on the Traceability module of ProAction is that DairyTrace, the multi-modal traceability reporting system, will be up and running for the fall. This means that every dairy producer will need to start reporting to the national database – either by phone or by internet.

A quick refresher on Traceability requirements:

  • You will need to have your premise ID on hand for reporting (or multiples if you have animals housed at different locations). We have many of these on file at the clinic if you don’t know your ID number. Write this number in a handy location (like the front of your DHI logbook or other record book) so you have it ready for reporting.

  • Report (to the database) the following events:

  • Animal birth information within 45 days or before the animal leaves the premises. On-farm birth records must be up to date within 7 days. Heifer registration may already be taking care of some of these events for you.

  • Animal move-ins. You are not required to report animal move-outs, because the end location is in charge of reporting that movement as a move-in on their end (ex: rendering facility, or sales barn). This includes: animal ID number, date of movement, Premise ID of arrival and departure farms, license plate number of transporter.

  • Tag retirements for on-farm disposal or export. Tag replacements must also be reported in the case of lost tags.

As you know, Traceability was supposed to be in place in September 2017, however, the only thing that has been enforced so far at inspections are the on-farm records. Hopefully you have kept up to date with these so that the transition to reporting will be a smooth one. We do not have a firm date yet for when reporting will become mandatory, but stay tuned for further updates as we get more information about how to use this new resource.

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